Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break 2011: A Winter Wonderland

If my reality weren’t so great, I would have really fought returning home to it.  We had a wonderful week away.  Senny and Beckham skied for the first time and it was a hit.  Seneca picked it up so quickly and was making great turns all the way down Easy Street by herself on day three.  Beckham fought the snowplow but definitely enjoyed riding the “flying couch” and just needed another day or two to master turning on his own.


Cooper did great.  He was on the more cautious side after a few major falls at Christmas time, but was proud of doing his first blue run without falling.  He loves to ski and to me, that is the sign of a successful trip.


This little buggy has a very good mama who helped her ski even when her boots were three inches too long! 


The way to tube:  have a rope tow pull you up to the top of a great hill with four chutes, line up in a great big train or in couples and race all the way to the bottom.  Smile the whole time.  And don’t forget your goggles, they make the ride down much more enjoyable.



The way to cure bored children:  put them in snow clothes and send them out the door.  They created their own “playground,” complete with climbing structures and a few slides.  They didn’t want to come in for dinner they were having so much fun. 


If all the fun wears you out, just take a nap with Bode.  He is so stinkin’ adorable I couldn’t handle it. 


We missed D and Wadey, but Gram and Grandpa made the week so wonderful.  Besides all the outdoor fun and the indoor relaxing, we were treated to a 90 minute massage and mini shopping trip.  Yep, life is oh, so good.


Amy @ Ink'd said...

I am so glad you had fun & that skiing was a success. I would stress about the skiing until I saw the results & I'm glad they were good ones. Now I can't wait to get Scoobs up & going.

Michelle Burk said...

Great, great time. So glad you got to go! What incredible memories for your kids.

kimmalee said...

Looks wonderful. The smiles on those kiddos faces couldn't be any bigger! Cousins and snow. So lucky. And man, that little Bode is so cute!

Lindsay said...

Well that's great you missed d and wadey... What about the favorite auntie??