Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mark Your Calendars…

Sorry, I couldn’t handle Adam Beach’s face smiling way too big at me anymore, time for something new.  Like how fantastic my yard looks!  Husband, please don’t take offense.  If you specialized in lawn care as your profession and had a team of workers helping you out, I’m sure it would look this good all the time, but…  your current occupation is elsewhere and while we love your profession, our poor yard was suffering!  Ignacio and his crew whipped it into shape yesterday and it looks like a dream.  I’m not taking pictures, just trust me. 

Later this morning I’m chatting with fun friends from all across the country about essential oils.  I’m excited about this information and for them to know how to use them in their homes.  Sometimes that’s the hardest part… knowing what to do.  It will be a fun hour, I am looking forward to it.  Let me know if you’d like to join us!

Denten has been so swamped at work that he could use another attorney and still not get caught up.  That doesn’t bode well for how often we’ll be seeing him lately, but being busy is a fantastic problem to have.  He’s currently hunkered down at Buffalo Thunder or somewhere of that sort squeezing actual work in between conferences.  He’ll be home this weekend, hopefully he’ll take it easy for a day or two. 

Grandma and Grandpa Robinson are headed our way tomorrow night… we can’t wait!  I was hoping to have an easy week while they were here but it is jam-packed.  We have so many things going on that we are exhausted every night but all of the current activities are great things that we love doing. 

One of which is Joete’s Playground’s annual Mother’s Day Auction… which is NEXT WEEK!  Mark your calendars, people… April 13-16 is your chance to find amazing, unique gift baskets for all of the women in your life.  Feel free to choose your favorite and I’ll be happy to whisper a secret message to your significant other.  Our gift baskets will be loaded to our site soon and you may be free to bid away!

And now to brush my teeth.  Because no matter how long my list is today, that really should have happened first. 

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