Sunday, April 10, 2011

monkeys, pieces of thoughts, joete’s this week.

My children turn into monkeys when Grandma and Grandpa are here.  Good grief, you’d think we have never covered table manners at this house.  Hopefully getting back into the weekly routine will normalize their behavior a little.  I have many-a-blog post running through my head, but I am not clear enough right now to give them proper attention. 

Snipets:  the Word of Wisdom.  My understanding of this subject has been lengthened lately and I have many thoughts to explore, mostly how most of my life that commandment has been centered on the things we should avoid rather than the things we should be partaking in.  I am learning more about what we should be doing and it is interesting to me where the church leaders usually place emphasis. 

Swim lessons start this week.  It is not warm enough for me to consider getting in a pool, but I have no reservations telling the kids to jump in, especially when the pool is heated.  Hopefully we can just skip the whole cry-through-the first-lesson situation and get right to the I-love-to-swim part.

My laundry room is being taken over by Joete’s Playground baskets and I want them all!  We have such fun things this year, I hope we have a fantastic turnout on our site and generous bidders.  I am excited for the projects in the works to make some progress with the money we raise this week.  Joete’s board has been working hard to make this great, I love being a part of it.  The auction will run April 13-16 on Joete’s Blog.  Just a few things to finish up tomorrow and we’ll be ready to roll!


Tamra said...

Can I just say...I love your blog! It really is ,to me, a breath of fresh air. It helps me to learn to focus on what's really important in life and love the simple things. So, thank you for sharing your family and life with the rest of us. Love you!

Emily Malinka said...

yeah, no crying through the first lesson... they just love to swim! Such fun things going on in your life Amberly... love it love it!