Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation

As much as I wished several times for a different school experience for Cooper, he was with a great teacher and fun friends this year. 

mrs. hatos

Cooper and Mrs. Hatos

Cooper loved school this year, a large part due to his wonderful teacher.  The feeling was mutual as she thought the world of him as well.  He had a hard time telling her good-bye.


Coop and cute Miss Ava

coop grad

graduation program


FIRST Grade!!  Fun friends over for a  swim celebration.


Esben, Tyler, Cooper, Colton, Senny, Bex, Ian, Carson


Coop and Esben

swimming, wii fun and air hockey… this house was crazy!


The boys and Emma.  Emma is Esben’s twin and is a good sport with all these boys!

I’m grateful for a break, a chance to regroup with the things we need to work on at home and reassess his school situation.  I’m grateful to have him home for a while, to do fun things with us.  And I’m grateful that I don’t have to make school lunch for 2 months.  Wahoo!!


kimmalee said...

I'm glad, if the school situation wasn't as you would have hoped, that at least he made some good friends and was happy there. Seems like a fun bunch of kids! First grade. Wow, that came fast.

Debi said...

That is one thing I like about having a pool, it's an easy party that is fun for all. Throw a bunch of kids in and they make their own fun. Way to go Cooper! Hope you have a fun summer With the family.