Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mothering Moments

Mothering Moment

So Amy, the brilliant little sass that she is, has once again inspired me.  I drug my feet for a day not knowing what to write about, but then it hit me in the head on the way home today.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself. 

It’s May, the month we celebrate our mothers, or perhaps the opportunity we have to be mothers, we who so happen to have that particular opportunity… that’s me being aware that not all are in my situation.  And therefore, this is the month to document a few of those prized “Mothering Moments” that make up our lives.  You know, the sweet, the sour and hopefully some in between so someday we can look back and remember what life was like when our world was consumed with busy little bodies.

My hesitation comes from not wanting to write about the mundane life that is often present here, or the chaos that is present the rest of the time, but that’s life, and even if it interests none of my readers, it’s the life that I need to record and remember.

So, I had a few returns and exchanges to take care of at the mall today.  I do not remember the last time I was at a mall with children- it simply does not happen often, but I figured we were out of the massive double stroller stage, they walk and listen appropriately, I’m sure we can handle hitting a few quick stores and then getting on our way.  And it really wasn’t terrible, it’s just that they are so busy.  Busy like Seneca needs to gasp and oooh at every darling thing in Janie and Jack and bring me numerous “darling little dresses” to see that are “for tiny babies!”  It was happy enthusiasm, but a little overwhelming when I’m trying to make my own decisions and keep Beckham from escaping to find the train he heard earlier. 

And then to Gap who just so happens to have three full rows of sparkle flip-flops.  Perhaps three-year-old daughters should come with volume control.  “ *gasp* Mom!  They are soooo beautiful!!!  (with her hands flung to her chest) I need to see if they fit me.”  And so, of course, does her brother.  Nevermind they are for girls.  And then, after we pick the “perfect” pair (pink, with multi-color polka-dot sparkles) we contain a minor melt-down because mom put them on the counter and she wanted to do it.  It’s such a bummer when we cry about flip-flops!  Back to the brother… who needed a new swimming suit.  I have to be strategic about these things.  If he knows he has a lot of options, he in inevitably choose one that is against all of my fashion instincts to buy.  So I scout ahead of time and choose three that I would be ok with, already knowing my favorite.  But there’s no way it’s his favorite, but luckily his fav doesn’t have a rash guard to match so it is eliminated quickly.  I talk him into the good one, pointing out the very cool (and subtle) skull and crossbones on the side.  (It should be noted that Denten does not approve of this sort of mothering.  Let the kid choose, for heaven’s sake.  This is an issue in a certain little girl’s upcoming birthday party.  we’ll discuss that later.  maybe.)

We’re off to find smoothies, which are, “mmmmm, strawberry and DELICIOUS!!!”  And make our way back through the mall, getting overly excited about escalators and hearing all along the way, “that’s the store for my daddy.  that’s the store for mommy things.  that’s the store for me to go in when I am big.  that’s the cool boy store.”  Then it’s time to navigate past the children’s department in Nordstrom to get to our car.  On our way in we had a 5-minute delay because there was a rack of dresses with flouncy tutus attached. “I want to wear it, mom!”  She had chosen the one and was not loosening her grip.  I skirted the issue by making it clear that we would have to come by it again later when we were done with our shopping and that we were not putting it on now.  So, now that we’re done, let’s just avoid it all together, shall we?  Yes, point out the sparkly jewelry on the other side of the aisle as we walk on past.  Brilliant.  or mean.  I say brilliant.  I mean, she’s not deprived of “girly.”

And she was asleep before we left the parking lot.  And Bex, who acquired a new hat during our excursions, busied himself trying it on his head different ways until he, too, started to fade.  The trouble with naps in the car is that we don’t get more naps once we’re home, but I’m ok with a little reading in their rooms once in a while for quiet time. 

So there you have it.  That’s how I  mothered through the morning today.  Not including the first stop at the running store where the treadmills were Fascinating.  But, we got every errand on the list accomplished.  Kind of.  And we’ll all sleep quite well tonight.


tenacious d said...

If only this post came with video!

The Silly Witch said...

any trip to the mall that ends with a pink smoothie is a success

Emily Malinka said...

well done, you got all your errands taken care of, children fed, you didn't loose your cool and everyone got a nap in! You sound like an AMAZING mother to me!!!