Saturday, April 30, 2011

feelin' the love.

Tonight I was reading with Beckham on the couch. As he ran to get book number three he jumped back on the couch, snuggled really close to me and said, "mom, I am your best friend ever." He emphasized 'ever.' Like when we were at Baskin Robbins earlier this week, sitting outside consuming our ice cream and he declared, "this is the best party ever!" I'm grateful to be in the 'best friend' category and hope I remain there forEVER.

Seneca will often stop whatever she's doing to remind me that her dad is love with her. And she'll remind him, too. "dad, you are in love with me." and he will always reply, ''yes, I am." She will also let me know when Beckham is being the best brother ever, and when he's not.

Cooper was giving me a new name on the Wii this morning and tried to enter me as "Gorgeous." I'm also the "best mom ever" in his book, except when he's not happy with me and then I get, "mom, you are really not being a nice mom right now."

The mister and I are also under lovie spells as we are making decorating decisions and are actually agreeing with each other. Divine intervention, indeed.

And, aren't Kate and Will the cutest ever?? How fun it's been to watch their fairytale this week. She is classy without being stuffy and the best part about him is how he adores her. I hope it's all as perfect as it seems and lasts until happily ever after.


tenacious d said...

Best. Post. Ever. No, really, it is so lovely to know that you are receiving and getting the love that all in your family deserve.

Also, I have to agree with your assessment of the D and D of Cambridge. They look so natural and happy together. I hope that they live up to the prayer that they wrote. If so, then they will be a great example to the wide, cynical world, just as happy families like yours (and mine, and so many others we are happy to know) are to our small spheres.

Amy @ Ink'd said...

Yes! I most definitely want your moments! Swimming want to come?