Sunday, May 15, 2011


painting the living room is the latest project at the homestead. it's a big room with a lot of detail work. D and I worked together for 12 hours yesterday and I loved every minute. I loved having him home with us. I loved what we were creating together. I loved his willingness to work to make this project happen. I loved seeing my kids outside the window painting at the easel. I love where this room is going. I love that this is cheaper the hiring someone to do it.

it still needs another coat of paint, but this one should be must faster than the last. special thanks to pandora for keeping us singing all day.

cooper participated in his first chess tournament yesterday with some friends. it was a good experience and he had a great time. he played three matches and I think he won two and lost one.

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Michelle Burk said...

I love painting. It makes the most dramatic change for the least amount of money. Can't wait to see the before/after picts.