Friday, May 13, 2011

He’s Baaaaaaaaaack!


wanna kiss??

you can say ‘holy crap.’ 

it’s ok.  I did. 


I wish, for your own sakes’ that I could somehow portray the massiveness of Pete.  The pics don’t do it.  In fact, when I saw him on the wall, first I about died, and then I admitted that he kinda needs a bigger wall.  He’s just a little overwhelming.


Pete, Bruce

and this is now my view as I walk past the den.  it is a large room that somehow looks a lot smaller now.

you may now tell me Pete is awesome.

or you may tell me I am an awesome wife.

or you may pray for me.


The Silly Witch said...

You are an awesome wife.

Steph said...

I'm gonna go with "You're an awesome wife." Its so funny, I just walked in from my little sisters house where she just "let" her hubby place a big prize on the wall as well. Thats exactly what I said to her, "You are an amazing wife." Way to go!!!

tenacious d said...

You are an awesome wife, x 2.

Annika said...

Way nice wife! There is an unspoken law that all dead "animals" live in the garage at our house. The end.

Amy said...

This makes me laugh. really hard.

Katelyn & Wade said...

dear lord. how'd the decorator work those dudes into your plan?

Emily said...

You are an awesome wife, and a few of my children were very attached to and fond of Pete in his prior home, so they may have to come to AZ to visit him now.

Did I mention you are an awesome wife?

Tutz said...

Pete is awesome. You are awesome. I will pray for you. Please tell the mighty hunter to get another beauty like Pete, bigger than Harold, and give it to his awesome mother-in-law. :)

Just the THREE of us said...

you are an awesome wife!