Friday, May 13, 2011

ever seen snow white in a cowboy hat?

Mothering Moment

today Cooper did his homework without any complaints and read to his brother and sister before bed. he ate all of his dinner and told me I was the best mom ever. he had trouble listening the first time today, but we’re focusing on the positive here.

today Seneca exclaimed, “Happy Mother’s Day!” seven times, each one accompanied with a work of art. her favorite (and mine) has a rainbow, a blue sky, a tree, green grass and colorful mountains. she believes she is a little artist and she is quite meticulous in her work. she has taken over her brothers’ art supplies and can spend an impressive amount of time filling page after page with color.

today Beckham surprised me with his swimming skills, once again. he even lifted his head to the side in an effort to take a breath. I’m not sure that he actually got any air, but the movement was correct! he can swim the width of the pool with no trouble and has big, strong freestyle arms. he lays on his back with ease and I am comfortable that if he fell in a body of water, he knows how to flip on his back to breathe. he practices it a lot. I was so proud of him today.

and then there was this.


forgive the cell phone camera quality, but go ahead and appreciate the rest.

and while I’m clearing out my phone pics…


sister, I had every intention of having her wait until her birthday to open her gift, but seeing as she saw a present, it really didn’t stand a chance. so we found a matching suit and she’s a babe!




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