Friday, May 13, 2011

St. George Ironman, 2011. in bits and pieces.

getting ready to go.



David and Drew were in Vegas Saturday, but they were able to spend some time with us Friday.  At Sand Hollow, checking out the swim.


Friday night:  kids’ race.  Cooper wanted his number on his arm and his age on his calf, just like the Ironman athletes.  He ran in the one-mile race.  and did it in SIX minutes.  yeah, I totally missed any photo op as I was still pulling out my camera when he ran past me and said, “hey, mom!”  good thing his dad was at the finish chute. 


Seneca and Beckham (and Lindsay) ran the 200-meter race.  They should have given Lindsay a medal.



Saturday:  Lindsay and Dianna went out to watch the swim start while my mom and I prepared the littles for the day.  Mom came prepared with our uniforms for the day.


waiting on the bike course.


D’s support crew.



I wish I had more pics of our athlete to share, but alas they are hidden away in Mom’s, Dianna’s and Lindsay’s cameras.  I’ll update once they decide they should send them to me.

The course was brutal.  It was a word I heard often through the weekend.  St. George decided to jump from 75 to 90 degrees overnight and bring in the wind.  The bike course was gorgeous, but had some steep climbs.  The run course had zero flat… it was all up or down, and the down was steep enough that it wasn’t  much of a reprieve from the up.  The hills, the wind and the heat added up to a challenging day, one that required participants to dig deep in order to continue.  There were many 300-400 who did not finish the race..  We’re super proud of our two-time Ironman!  He did awesome.  More from his point of view after his official interview. 


The Silly Witch said...

Nick was checking the stats Saturday. Denten is SO lucky to have an awesome cheering squad! I get a little teary-eyed thinking of swimming, biking, and running that far. It's an incredible feat. Good job D!

Debi said...

What a great family event! I think it was great that the kids had a race too. Way to D! You are awesome! I'm kind of jealous of the warm weather. 45 is just not warm enough for me. I need sun on a beach!

kimmalee said...

Wow, I'm excited for you just looking at the pictures. Looks like an amazing day. So great to have family there to celebrate with. Way to go D!