Wednesday, June 22, 2011

right now.

My children are in various swimming attire eating slushies on the swings.  They are carefree and happy.  They have had a full day swimming with friends this morning then swimming at the city pool this evening while Cooper had swim team practice.  Coop also had basketball camp today and I am hoping for sound sleepers tonight.

I have been off my game a little.  I’ve been committed to laundry, but dinners and much of my to-do list has not been taken care of so far this week.  My brain is a busy little place sometimes, to the point of neglecting most that is not top priority.  I’ve released a few things and feel a little more myself today. 

I started a new book last night that seems promising.  I hope it continues to be good as I need distractions these days.  We’re off again this weekend, this time to Tohatchi, to eat fry bread and dance with the Natives.  Actually we do other things too, but those are my favorite.  Mutton stew anyone?  Not me, thank you very much. 

It’s time to go get these little sun babies in jammies, read and tuck them in for the night.  I love my little sun babies.  Sometimes I want to crawl right into bed with them.  Sometimes I do.  Beckham likes me there for a just a minute or so.  Seneca always has just one more question.  Cooper likes to hear a little story about when he was a baby. 

Then you’ll find me and my laundry with a  little SYTYCD on the couch.  D will swim after work and join me in exhaustion as we settle in for the night.  It’s not a bad life.  Oh, and my new swimming suit fits.  That’s big news.  I told Emily today that I’ve hit that stage in life where it matters more that it fits than if it’s cute.  Although it’s cute, too.  It’s difficult to find a suit that fits a woman with a 32-year-old bottom but 12-year-old breasts.  So, success it is.

Now, to lure the littles in from the backyard.  Wish me luck.


Annika said...

HAH! You made me laugh right out loud!

Emily said...

I guess we're getting practical in our old age.

Just the THREE of us said...

where did you get your swimsuit! I have the same body type as you! Yeah for small boobies!

Patria said...

yes, let's hear it about the good swimsuit find (: