Thursday, June 30, 2011

A weekend in the hills

In June, the Boyd Robinson clan gathered in the hills above Paragonah for a few days.  We made the trek north to enjoy fun and family.  This is the family we are a part of due to the former Indian Placement Program.  This is the Robinson family Denten’s mother went to live with when she was 12 and spent all of her growing-up years with.

Our weekend included:  ultimate frisbee.  playing on teeter-totters, swings and slides. frisbee golf.  riding Uncle Val’s horses. basketball.  baseball. water balloons. balloon volleyball. dare base.  the infamous Robinson talent show.  sleeping all together in one room.  a LOT of people in one cabin.  fresh air.  good food.  settlers.  chess between Coop and Grandpa Boyd. 100.  almost drawing blood playing 100. Book of Mormon chases.  music.  visiting with cousins.  losing my children and not worrying about it.  listening to Denten tell Dutch that this is where they are both meant to be.






Grandma Jeanne on the right, singing with all of her sisters.


Most of the posterity of Grandpa Boyd and Grandma Jeanne

This is one fun, fun group of people- totally worth the road trip!

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Grace Amis said...

you have the cutest children. no doubt