Thursday, June 30, 2011


I was gone all morning.  Came home to happy, hungry children.  Fed said children then laid down on the couch.  Not feeling too hot this week and need productivity to happen.  As I was laying there, I wanted to freeze time.  Not stay sick, but for them. 

Seneca is wearing a favorite shirt with sparkles and her regular pink flouncy skirt routinely worn inside-out.  Her hair is in two ponytails.

Beckham is wearing plaid shorts and a camouflage shirt.  He doesn’t match, but he did it all himself and I fully support that.

Cooper is wearing green basketball shorts and his red St. George Ironman shirt.  He may or may not have slept in these very clothes last night.

They are playing baseball.  The ball is a world globe beach ball.  The bat is a noodle sword.  Home base is the empty flooring space left from the entertainment center.  No one is pitching or hitting well, so the rule is that on the third strike, you RUN!  First base is the step at the back of the room.  Second is the trampoline and Third is the beanbag.  There is a lot of yelling and laughing, not so conducive to resting my head, but oh so good for my heart.  They need each other and I think somewhere inside they know that. 

Somehow they are both competing against and cheering for each other.  Can I just hit some virtual freeze button and keep them this way for a while?


Debi said...

I'm so glad you have your Blog to put these blessings down in a permanent place. They are so very, very sweet and you may need them again when you have teenagers.

Kim said...

Hope you feel better Amberly! So sorry to hear you're feeling ikky and hope the power outage didn't make it worse!!! And I totally agree with you, a freeze button would be perfect for precious moments with these fast growing munchkins!!!