Friday, July 1, 2011

Bitsilly Family fun run/walk 2011

This event has become an annual tradition at the reunion in an effort to emphasize staying active and healthy. Aunt Joey is the fun run marshal and has everyone designate whether they will be going one, two or three miles.  Some run, some walk, some do a combination of both.  There are prizes given in each category later during the family dinner.


Cooper finishing his one-mile run. 


Denten, with Elvis trying to catch him.  David and Vernel in the background.  D is the undefeated three-mile champion.  Elvis trains to beat him every year.  He was close!


Aunt Delphine and Uncle Leon.  Uncle Leon used to be a track star!


Cousins Tanya, Cody and Jordan


Miss Senny, with Beckham coming behind.  They were troopers at the two-mile distance!  Cousin Bryan was on the rescue-mobile, taking water out to those still on the course.


Uncle J.R.  (Guy Bitsilly, Jr.)  He claims the mile gets longer every year.  Cousin Olin.


Cooper and I went back out to meet the 3-mile walkers and raced to the finish line.  He’s fast, but I’ve still got some gas.

Harley, Aunt Joey, Dianna, Marvin



what?  I need a tan??

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