Friday, July 1, 2011

The White Girl’s Annual Pilgrimage to Tohatchi

When we headed to Utah a few weeks ago, Seneca kept asking if we were going to Grandma Bitsilly’s.  She was thrilled the time had finally come.  She was asleep as we pulled off the main road onto the long, dusty one that leads to Grandma’s property.  She woke up on the dirt road and exclaimed, “oh, is this Grandma Bitsilly’s town?!”  Not quite a town, but yes.  Two whole days of dirt, freedom and treats… they loved it.


Bitsilly children and spouses.  Dianna, Denten’s mother is in the purple.


Grandma and some of her posterity


Dancing.  Denten and I claimed the prize for the adults… hey, I used to ballroom dance!  and D has got moves most of you have never seen.  After watching us, Seneca and Beckham decided partnering was the way to go.  They were hilarious.




taking advantage of the wind that wouldn’t quit.  bubbles and flying kites.


LaShonda and Delphine


Elvis and JR


Seneca holding her own in musical chairs.  Rez baseball.


Barrel racing


Cousins Brendan and Olin

The wind was fierce.  made me even more grateful we were in a trailer and not a tent.  we had dust and dirt EVERYWHERE.  D and I escaped to the Gallup flea market Saturday morning and found a beautiful cradleboard.  I was excited about our purchase.  The fry bread was delicious, the entertainment entertaining and the culture rich and alive. 


Alyosha said...

You used to ballroom dance? Me too! Caelyn and Zerah just started taking classes. They're adorable.

tenacious d said...

I always love your Bitsilly reunion posts. They seem like such a wonderful family. Your kids are really lucky to be able to celebrate such a rich heritage.

Steph said...

These are my favorite pics of on your posts every year!!! LOVE the rich culture showed in them. (Don't tell my very white family, but it makes me a bit jealous) ;)

Sandi said...

Best pictures every year. I never told you the first time I saw D's Mom with you in church I thought it was your Mom :-).