Saturday, July 2, 2011


floors are clean.  bathrooms are clean.  well, not mine, but the others.  patios and driveways were sprayed off, weeds were taken care of.  garbages were emptied.  groceries happened.  my book and I found a lounge chair by the pool today and embraced the 115 degrees.  denten said the pool felt like bath water.  I said, finally it’s not cold!  we waited while the wicked wind whipped debris into the pool, then we cleaned it and swam again.  cooper doesn’t like it when I beat him in races.  he does like teaching me new swim drills, though.  seneca will only back float with goggles on, although she does not swim with them otherwise.  she is lazy at free style  but is great at breast stroke arms.  beckham does an amazing watermelon roll off the diving board and has strong free style arms.  he also can back float all day long.  both littles can swim the length of the pool.  denten and coop played water basketball.  then the others wanted in.  I enjoyed my chair again then threw orange chicken in the oven for dinner.  outside showers made cleaning up for sunday quick and easy.  I escaped to look for frames while D handled bedtime.  he’s now finishing hanging the tv on the wall and moving around components.  we have a movie to watch but we’ll see if I can stay awake long enough for it to happen.  I love saturdays that are full of productivity and play. 

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Jaime said...

I'd like to have one Saturday like this. Just one.