Sunday, July 3, 2011


today’s lessons centered around desires.  we listed things we desire for ourselves and our children.  for me it all boiled down to obedience and the holy ghost.  my dad has often been heard saying that all blessings stem from obedience.  I believe that obedience to the laws of the gospel as well as the laws of the land and rules in the home bring lasting happiness.  I also desire for my children to recognize when they feel the spirit and have the opportunity to do so often.  if they have the ability to recognize the spirit in their lives, they will have access to direct revelation from their father in heaven regarding all things.  loved the thoughts I came away with today.

home teachers came today, or home teacher.  he comes and brings one or two daughters with him, whom my children adore.  he is a free spirit and an open-minded thinker and we have great discussions.  if there was a mold for the kind of person contained in our ward, this brother would be very outside the mold.  we love him.  we started our discussion with the parable of the talents and moved to the principle of agency.  we discussed the idea that one can teach proper principles, offer choices and then let those in his stewardship choose for themselves.  this is how our father in heaven parents.  this is how great earthly parents parent.  this is how denten attempts to work with his clients.  he offers potential solutions and choices, and while he may feel one is best, the client must make the choice and live with the outcome.  it can be difficult to parent this way as we want our children to make the right choices, but a few wrong ones with natural consequences will teach more than any punishment I could inflict.  I am in constant check knowing that the less I interfere in choices being made, the more they will learn on their own.

after time with my book, a nap,  and dinner, we played a few games for family night.  it is clear when playing ‘simon says’ that there may be legitimate reason behind my children not listening the first time!  it also appears that seneca has the best impulse control of our children after playing ‘red light, green light.’ 

senny and I talked today about a principle amy introduced me to a while ago that the happiest girls are the prettiest girls.  while there doesn’t need to be a lot of emphasis on being pretty, it is concept she understands.  grumpy, sour-puss girls are not as pretty as happy, friendly girls.  our beloved home teacher said today that seneca just has a magic light about her.  I agree, and I hope her true happiness and exuberance lasts her lifetime.

seems monsoon season is hitting full force tonight.  I must go rescue a few runaway patio cushions.  we’ll chalk this up to a pretty good sunday.

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banks family atm said...

WHAT?? You didn't like your mom teaching correct principles, then bribing, threatening and manipulating you to make the choice she wanted???

You are a good mom! You have great children.