Saturday, August 27, 2011

saturday bullets.

  • personal record for Denten at the utah half ironman today, sub-5 hour time which is AWESOME!
  • sweet crash for bro-in-law Drew at the same race.  he’s got some gnarly road rash but finished the race and did great.
  • spent an hour at the gymnastics gym this afternoon with my kids.  trampolines, rings, bars, balance beams, ball pits, mats and ramps… it was a fantastic indoor playground.  Cooper moved from one apparatus to the next so quickly, he couldn’t decide where to spend his time!  The other half of the building is a skate park.  Beckham was fascinated with the skateboarders and has decided that is the class he would like to take.  Seneca is in it for the leotards. 
  • finished my first book by Sarah Desser.  reminded me of Nicholas Sparks without all the sap.  I liked it.
  • escaping tonight to see The Help with the girls.  Beckham asked where I was going.  to a movie.  what movie?  The Help.  Oh.  Later at dinner:  mom is going to see a movie about help.  like if you need help getting out of a tree, or if you’re stuck in the playhouse, or in a crocodile’s mouth… nice to know what situations he might need help with.
  • pot stickers for dinner at coop’s request.  he definitely favors Asian flavors.  smart kid.
  • outside temp yesterday was a record-breaking 117 degrees.  it didn’t feel super hot, but it sounds ludicrous. 


Debi said...

Mallory, Aubry and I saw The Help last week. They did a great job on the movie. It was such a good book. How many Ironman's is Denten going to do? Holy Cow that guy likes to move!

Alyosha said...

Which Sarah dessen book?

Preston, Kami & Zach said...

I liked the movie but I loved the book.

Grace Amis said...

Beckham is hilarious!