Tuesday, August 30, 2011


everyone up by 6, out the door at 7:15. coop to school then to the gym. home for a quick shower then off to tumbling class. straight to the grocery store. swear I will not grocery shop with these two during the lunch hour again. home for lunch and a failed attempt at naps. back in the car to get cooper, fall asleep on the way (them, not me). get coop in the car and head for home. get phone call reminding us that coop was scheduled for chess club after school. turn that car around, have him run in while we kill time in the car for a while then venture into the school. admire baby tortoises recently hatched at school, read in the library while chess finishes up. finally head home. music practice with cooper, then with senny. french dip sandwiches for dinner, jammies, reading and to bed.

D out the door sometime before 5 a.m. with running shoes on. beckham's happy face in mine at 5:40, all dressed and ready for the day. take coop out to school, seneca to preschool, bex and I go visiting teaching then to the bank. home to pick up library books then off to get senny. go from preschool to dry cleaners to senny's music class. drop her off and head for the library. return, find new books then back for seneca. home for a quick lunch then back in the car to get cooper. pick up pies on the way home. give freedom for one hour before we have to leave again. drop pie at home teacher's house (birthday), pick up kalle for music and take coop and kalle to music class. thank my lucky stars that kalle's mom will bring them home. swear when I pull in my garage that I'm not getting in the car again today. get dinner ready, pick up the house, eat, clean kitchen, celebrate when D walks in the door and takes over reading time. sit down for 10 minutes then get ready for book club girls to walk in the door.

tomorrow will be slower. please.


Katelyn & Wade said...


Amberly said...

sister, that is a wonderful idea. i'll see if I can squeeze it in tomorrow.

kimmalee said...

Wow. Just wow.

Emily said...

amen, that speed does not work for me.

Lindsey and Adam said...

Sometimes I love busy days like that, but I would have a hard time if it was EVERY DAY. I like the title of this post because that's what I was thinking when I finished reading it. Catch your breath! You are amazing!