Thursday, September 1, 2011

thursday update.

We moved here almost a year-and-a-half ago and ever since I have been intending to have our pediatric records transferred to a closer pediatrician. It obviously never made the top of the priority list because it never happened. Thanks to doTerra and heaven, we have not had any need to visit a doctor in the last year-and-a-half but I figured we better get caught up on our immunizations, 'cause I'm still ok with those. And it's fun to see how the kids are growing. Although they little ones hopped on the scale at the gym this week and discovered they weigh the same. That may never be the case again in their little lives so we thought it was cool.

Anyway, today was the day to meet the new dr. I was honest about the fact that shots were going to be involved. They were troopers. We picked Coop up from school and headed to our appt. Everyone is healthy, strong and ticklish. We have a few things to follow up on with Bex, but nothing I'm worried about. Coop lucked out and only got a flu shot. Bex got a booster and a flu. Seneca won the prize with six shots today. SIX! Seems 4-years-old is a biggie... all those kindergarten prep shots. She didn't like me for 4 seconds but got over it quick and thought it was great that she had the most band-aids.

All the kids walked away with a sucker, a sticker and a new book. I like the doctor, he was helpful with my questions and patient with my kids. I hope we don't have to see him again for a while, but it's nice to know he's there if we need him.

Beckham beat me in Memory today. He doesn't really like to wait for his turn when he knows where a match is, but he really does have a knack for that game. Seneca has been learning about outer space at Discovery Club this week. It is hilarious to listen to her talk about stars, the milky way and the like. A star is a giant ball of glowing gas! Said with her arms circling huge around her. The sun is a star! But stars don't look like our stars, mom. They are very tiny because they are far away, but they are big if you look through a telescope. And the milky way is pronounced "milky wave," and it swirls around like a white flower. It's not the facts so much as the bright eyes and enthusiasm that accompanies the delivery.

Tonight was curriculum night at Coop's school. We went and Cooper showed us around his room and the things he's been working on. I think it was anticlimactic for Denten as he left work super early to be there, but I love that Coop is in this environment and the things he's being exposed to. Seneca can't wait to go to school and Beckham was happy visiting the tortoises. Who, by the way, just had babies. There are a few select members of this family who think we need to welcome one or two into this family. We'll see what happens with that.

We have almost reached Friday, folks! That is a big deal.


Marie said...

You are one busy momma! I too feel like I live in my car. It will only be like this for another 16 years or so right!?

Deirdre Eagar said...

we got a baby tortoise just last week. they are adorable, but i've just been looking at what i need to buy for it. HOLY cow, i might be rethinking it...they need a lot of stuff. especially since it is so brand new!