Thursday, September 22, 2011

A September Retreat

There was catching up.  Reading.  Lounging.  Eating.  Really good food.  Browsing.  Shopping.  Napping. 

There was the Bass Cottage Inn, our home away from home.  And there were a few outings.

Tandem Cycling through Acadia National Park


When we picked up our bikes, the rental lady warned us that tandems weren’t always very good for marriages.

“Some people come back and they aren’t speaking to each other.” 

It was funny.  We loved them.



Bar Harbor Half-Marathon and 5K


Dad and I before


Hi Mom!  Yes, I’m in a hat.  Yes, it helped me avoid the whole my-ears-get-cold-and-give-me-a-headache situation.


D in the finish chute.  Personal best time… he killed this one.


Wadey and Katelyn


The halfers.  Sorry about your hair, sister.  Consolation… mine grows in the humidity, too.


Back at the inn.  Time to relax.

On the Open Sea

We finished our trip with a relaxing sail out on the open water.


The Helen Brooks, our Friendship Sloop for the afternoon


traps full of lobsters


our views


It is not hard to feel the peace and serenity sailing offers.  A beautiful way to say good-bye… until next year.


Debi said...

Was this your Maine trip? Looks so beautiful. So great that you can get away with the extended family for an amazing tradition. Did BJ or Lindsay go?

Torey said...

Looks ab-so-lut-ely fabulous, my dear!

Katelyn & Wade said...

Wow. We have a situation with that hair.

Grace Amis said...

Love the photo of Katelyn and Wade, and Tamara's lulu jacket, and of course.. Katelyn's hair. Looks like you guys had a blast!

DaNae said...

What an amazing trip!

Marie said...

So so fun for you! The pics on the water are beautiful and I had to wipe the drool from my chin after looking at those beautiful lobsters! I'm gonna eat my fair share of those bad boys in just a couple weeks! It was great to see you last Friday!

Lindsay said...

good photos sister.