Wednesday, September 28, 2011

some randoms.

overheard in the car going to soccer: "seneca, if you score 10 goals at practice then you can have one of my bouncy balls. or, if you have a lot of fun and try really hard." is working wonders around here. I wondered if the novelty would wear off but it's still going strong. the morning routine is happening with a fraction of the reminding that was occurring before and after school responsibilities are efficient and everyone is helpful. and best of all, children stay in bed after they've been tucked in! good find.

the school carnival is friday evening. everyone around here is looking forward to this event. it might have even made an appearance in prayers. betcha can't guess who would pray for such a thing.

my legs have been screaming at me every time I try to stand up or sit down today. I knew yesterday at the gym that I'd be sore because I could feel my limits being pushed, but holy smokes.

we have hit a few hurdles in the adoption certification front lately and are pushing through them persistently. D and I had physicals with a new doctor today as part of the renewal process. I like him.

seneca has a program at school tomorrow to showcase all of her solar system knowledge. judging by the songs she's been singing it ought to be quite the show. beckham is thoroughly offended he is not invited to attend. especially when she said there would be popcorn.

tomorrow is thursday. there are zero after-school activities scheduled. I love thursdays.

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