Friday, October 7, 2011

Cooper, Age 7


Coop.  You’re a little bit of a stinker who keeps growing even though I keep telling you I am NOT ready for a seven-year-old.  You say, “I don’t know how to stop!”   and laugh at me.

You’re a responsible little bugger, getting up with your alarm at 6:15 every morning, making your bed, getting dressed, getting your lunch ready and eating breakfast, all while telling me about what you read last night or about what you’ll be doing today.  You’re a fan of Honey Nut Cheerios and Cinnamon Toast Crunch and when you eat eggs, you are like your mother and want them in the form of an egg sandwich or wrapped in a tortilla.  You love German pancakes and requested French toast for your birthday breakfast. 

You spend your days at school getting super smart and having loads of fun with your friends.  You’re always a happy camper when we pick you up and are good to get your jobs done after school.  Right now you practice your music every day and spend time doing your math and writing work.  When you’re done you enjoy the Wii or playing games with your brother and sister.  You three can get lost in your own world outside for hours. 

For dinner last night you requested “a really good cheeseburger.”  Those are not my genes talking.  You also love pasta, especially with pesto and you are a shrimp-lover.  However, orange chicken has been named your favorite food lately.  Instead of a birthday cake or cupcakes, you wanted ginger cookies.  They were delivered.

You are in your second year of chess club and are getting pretty darn clever.  You enjoy puzzles and games that make you think, stuff you have to figure out.  You play soccer and enjoy the competition and the challenge of the game.  You’re in your last year of the Let’s Play Music program and impressed your dad and I when you sight-read the whole book this week while messing around at the piano.  Dad was doing music flashcards with you this week and I heard him say, “Cooper, you are smarter than me!” 

Seneca and Beckham are lucky to have you to learn from.  They want to be just like you, do the things you do and play with the things you like.  Thank you for teaching them good things.  You are kind and patient with them  and our whole family appreciates the way you play games and help with your brother and sister. 

You have a happy face, Coop.  You have a light in your eyes that shines when you get excited.  Your eyes are dark blue and your hair is still super blond from all your time outside.  Your smile is losing it’s baby teeth as bigger ones try to intrude.  You still love your mom.  You want a hug and a kiss before bed and before you leave for school.  You are in this transitional stage where I know you want to be grown-up and you’re getting too smart for your own good, but then you have these moments where the joyful little boy in you erupts and I love those moments.  You laugh so hard and run carefree.  There are two things you leave home with every day:  The reminder to play like a champion and the knowledge that you are a Child of God.  You have determined what those things mean to you and I think they have helped make you who you are.

You’re still a crazy-pants with hilarious dance moves and unbelievable hula-hooping talent.  You play this funny game where after you start the microwave, you run a lap around the entire house trying to beat the timer.  It’s hilarious to watch you.  Beckham has picked up on your tactics and is trying to be as fast as you are.  You are 4’ 3’’ tall and weigh 48.5 pounds. You’re ticklish as can be and I love it.  You lay out your clothes for the week each Sunday evening and are a creature of schedule and habit.   You’re the one who was supposed to come first, Coop, and you’re doing a darn good job fulfilling that amazing potential you arrived with.  Our clashes are only because we are so much alike and because I want the world for you.  I love you to pieces.  Happy Birthday, Cooper B.


oct. 6, 2011


crazy hair day at school, on your birthday


kimmalee said...

That was a very sweet tribute. What a great kid you have! Wish we lived closer so Tate could have him to look up to too! Happy Birthday Cooper.

Tutz said...

He is a wonderful boy. I love everything about him! XOXO to Cooper. Happy Birthday Bud!

Steph said...

Happy Birthday Coop! Too bad you aren't a better listener and stop growing up so kids are bad about that too. :)

tenacious d said...

He is adorable! Happy birthday, Cooper! Keep growing the way you're growing. :D

Patria said...

happy birthday cooper! i love hearing about coop and his bday since ruby shares such a close one as well and i feel more connected to you guys knowing we were welcoming our first babies in nyc this time seven years ago! glad to read that you guys are doing wonderful- have a good week! love, patria