Sunday, October 16, 2011

perpetual fall break, please.

We kicked off fall break with a little party for the Coopster.  He chose to take a few friends to the local gymnastics gym and play around.  He didn’t hold still long enough to get any decent picture.



her, on the other hand… 

there was rope-climbing, rope-swinging, trampolines galore, balance beams and ball pits.  monkey bars and tumbling mats… it was a good time.


home for ginger cookies and ice cream cones.  in beckham’s case, both at once.

Then I win mother-of-the-year as I attempted the local skating rink with three little people who had never been on skates before.  By myself.  It was touch-and-go there for a bit, but they got the hang of it and had a great time.  Occasionally Beckham would fall on his bottom and yell, “this is why I don’t like skating!!”  and then he’d get up and go again.  Two of three were asleep before leaving the parking lot.  Mission accomplished.  Forgive the lack of any action photos.  I was a little occupied.



The beauty of fall break is that everything is cancelled.  No tumbling, no music class, no chess, no SCHOOL!!  It was fantastic.  The only thing we had scheduled was soccer, and the weather was perfect for enjoying a few evenings and a Saturday morning outside.  *Note:  these photos are from a few weeks ago…


watching and learning.


don’t let this picture fool you.  she got in there and took care of business.


We hit the park with friends, I escaped for a lunch date, I made it to the gym every single day, there were house projects completed and a lot of playing around here.  Why, oh, why, does fall break have to end??  Let’s do it again!!


The Hunt's said...

Let's talk about Senny's gymnastic/cowgirl outfit. LOL! Why doesn't she live closer to Tessa.

kimmalee said...

Yep, mom of the year for certain. I agree with Katelyn. Senny's outfit and posing skills are just plain darling.