Sunday, November 13, 2011

brace yourself. my head is exploding in this post.

1.  primary program is done.  I think I was dreading it out of my own insecurities, knowing that the kids didn’t know their songs as well as they should have, but as I was sitting in sacrament meeting in between songs, I kept thinking how fast it was going and that I wasn’t ready for it to be over.  The kids did so great, especially the all boys song and the small girls group.  Seneca and Cooper delivered their parts/talks great, better than we had practiced.  I wish Dent could have been there.  Heaven bless the Norbergs for stealing Beckham. 

2.  I have enjoyed experiences recently helping people with essential oils.  I love learning new ways to use them and sharing what I know.  I love hearing back from people about how well they are working for them.  I love seeing them feel better and not have old issues continue to stand in their way. 

3.  we have 1.5 weeks until the Robinson and some of the Bitsilly clan descend on the Homestead for Thanksgiving.  I should probably start thinking about what we will be eating.  Is it weird that I am not stressed or worried about that one bit?  I suppose I am of the mindset that spending time together is more important than what we’ll be feasting upon.  I’m not sure all would agree…

4.  we have 1.0 weeks until D becomes a three-time Ironman.  I need mother nature to cooperate and provide the perfect mix of weather that will not be too hot for my athlete and not too cold for my spectators.  I need to find my cowbells.  I need to go into the day well-rested and prepared with sustenance.  See?  I’m am more concerned about making it through that day than Thanksgiving.  Perhaps there is something wrong with me.  D has been a little uneasy about this race, but I am excited for him.  He is faster and stronger than he has ever been.  His swimming has improved so much since his first race and his bike and run are strong.  He’s going to kill it.

5.  I struggle with finding motivation to make dinner even when Denten is in town.  You can imagine my burning desire to get it done when he’s away.  I think we’re making cookies today instead. 

6.  I need to exchange my mattress tomorrow.  I am completely ill-equipped to do such a thing.  I mean, I thought I chose well the first time and clearly that was not so.  How on earth am I to lay on a mattress for one minute and tell if it’s the one I am meant to be drawn to for the next 10 years?  I think a system needs to be instigated where three or four of my choice are delivered and I can spend a week or so on each one.  I mean, honestly.  They do not feel the same in the store as they do in my bedroom.  And what, exactly, determines whether it is the right one?  This one feels hard.  Too firm.  Not comfortable to lay and read, but yet I sleep soundly all through the night, even dreaming well.  What if I pick one that is more comfy to hang out on but I sleep terribly?  The ideal is to have one that pulls me to it about 10 p.m. every night… one that is more enticing than the couch and whatever is on TV.  One that I can’t wait to climb into with my book every night.  One that I do not want to get out of…. although that creates a completely different set of problems.  See??  It’s not even my genetic indeciveness that is the issue here.  It is that there is not a great standard or procedure for choosing a mattress.  Let’s pray for Brother Lee who is on the other end of this madness, shall we?  Is it coincidence that Denten leaves town and in turn, leaves me to handle this situation?  aaarrrrghghhh!

7.  Our friend Megan broke her wrist playing soccer last week.  Seneca and I took her some flowers and when learning where her injury was, Seneca said, “oh, you broke your radius?”  Megan and her dad both looked at each other and then Mike said, “and this bone here.”  “Oh, your ulna?”  Yes, Megan broke her radius and her ulna and Seneca knew more about her x-ray than the rest of us the room.  Thank you, discovery club.  She can also tell you an amazingly large amount of information about sharks.

8.  It’s time to get new carpet in the family room.  I thought it was going to be wood, but it seems carpet is the way to go for now.  Do you wish you could be in my head while I try to choose carpet??  Oh good grief.  Someone just do it for me, please!!  see number 6.

9.  does your head hurt yet?  I’ll go see if the butter is soft.  cookie dough for dinner!


Jess said...

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our Select Comfort sleep number mattress. You can adjust it whenever you are feeling uncomfortable, and Dave and I have separate zones so we can each have it to our liking.

I hear ya though--I can never commit to anything big--furniture, paint colors, etc.

Partridge Family said...

We bought our bed through Costco. It's like a temperpic (I don't know how to spell that word), but for 1/4 the price. We had a queen for 4 years and just bought a king. We love it and it doesn't seem to wear out. Definitely one that I can read in and sleep soundly all night long. It weighs about 150 pds. Good luck to you in your quest!