Saturday, November 12, 2011

guess who came to town?

I have not cleaned my bathroom.  I have not done any dishes.  I have not cooked meals.  I have not had a nap.  I have not read to my children.

I have eaten out like I was on vacation.  I have been shoe shopping with my best personal shopper.  I have listened to my kids laugh so hard they couldn’t breathe.  I have had my kitchen cleaned for me multiple times.  I have lost Beckham only to find him wandering the neighborhood with a pretty qualified adult.  I have allowed Grandpa to take over story time.  I had the pleasure of witnessing my dad’s first stroll through Trader Joe’s.  I also witnessed his first time stepping foot in a Walmart.  It was momentous.  I slugged through the corn maze so my kids could take Grandpa to the pumpkin patch.  I can cross “get Sunday shoes for the kids” off of my list.  I heard about Cooper beating Grandpa in chess, twice. 

Grandpa, we miss you already.  Take some time to recover, and then come again!


Lindsay said...

first time stepping foot in walmart!? so not true. much to his dismay, maybe but so not true.

Tamra said...

Love this!!!