Monday, November 14, 2011

good things on monday.

there is chess club after school on mondays which means there is adequate time between tumbling and going to get cooper to fit in a decent nap. I love mondays for that reason alone.

does "sit-ups" sound like "hiccups?" beckham started doing crunches on the couch today and in a strained voice said, "I'm doing my hiccups."

I made honey-lime enchiladas for dinner. Dent may not pull in until midnight, but there will be dinner here for him, gosh darn it! (and leftover cookie dough)

one more step until adoption certification is finalized (again). It's time to start praying that our baby's mama gets the inspiration we're the ones!

essential oil consultations, thanksgiving planning and family picture scheduling had me on the phone a lot this afternoon. thank goodness for patient kids that can help each other through music homework and jobs when I'm occupied.

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Tamra said...

Good luck and prayers on your next adoption process!! I can't imagine anyone NOT thinking you are the one for them. Love ya!