Tuesday, November 15, 2011

some bad. and some good.

Denten got crappy news about a client at work. And then he heard the Supai helicopter pilot crashed. He is a good friend and Denten was in his chopper yesterday. It was not a great day for him.

I had a frazzled morning and upon switching carpool duties, a child I was responsible for was left at preschool. That is never good. I remedied that situation the best I could and then found out that a dear friend lost her mother this week to cancer. Even knowing it was coming, that's not an easy thing to hear.

Beckham and Seneca were both giving all they had on the soccer field tonight and when their heads collided, Seneca came away with a fantastic goose egg just under her eye. Black eyes are cool. That's what we told her. Even when they are from your brother. When they are unintentional.

I laid on mattresses in the road today. I'm sure my neighbors appreciated that. The results are that I have two whole beds in my room. I might have three by the night's end. My dream come true! Lots of mattresses to try, pick what I love and have the rest disappear. Please bless we love one.

I'm off to be fingerprinted now. Hope I pass my background check! Don't tell them I forgot a kid at preschool today. Ugh. that was horrible.


Amber said...

Oh my... Sometimes everything seems to crash at once. Did the helicopter guy pass away??? I am always scared to fly in the helicopters when I go down there, but I haven't ever heard of one crashing until now.

The Silly Witch said...

Life. What a mixture of Beautiful, Good, Bad, and Ugly.

Scrap Happy said...

Mattresses in the road??? Why?