Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I’m grateful for busy, productive days.  Amid running to and fro, fulfilling carpooling duties, I had a great energy session with a  favorite friend.  I shared oils with a few wonderful people who will be blessed because of them.  I did laundry.  Denten will be so happy.  He really needed clean socks.  I made dinner.  Actual dinner.  In the crock pot, ‘cause those are the easiest kind.  Both boys got hair cuts and look dashing.  Seneca did not get a hair cut because she does not want to look like a boy.  I planted a garden.  Did you catch that one?  Denten tilled up the garden plot Saturday and I took Beckham and Elsie to the nursery again today to pick up our vegetable and herbs to plant.  I can’t say that with all my little helpers that the rows are straight, but they are in the ground!  We even have flowers out front.  The littles got showers, homework is done and I have happy voices playing in my house.  I am grateful for this life. 

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Emily Malinka said...

don't worry, LC prayed for your garden tonight, it will now grow in straight lines I am sure!