Wednesday, January 25, 2012

good news.

we’re full of it around here. 

lindsay and dan

first, these two lovies and getting hitched!!  I’m so excited I can hardly stand it and my kids keep talking about “the wedding,” and all the fun it will be.  we love Dan the Man and therefore were happy to pay him a visit when his team came to play at ASU last week. 


we ate pizza and cheered on CU and left our favorite new guy some of his favorite treats for the flight home. 

and for more good news,  this cute boy is in the one-minute club!  he was able to go though all his music flashcards in 57 seconds naming all of the notes in both the treble and bass clefs as well as symbols for flat, sharp and natural.  we were at over two minutes a week ago, so his smile is the result of seeing his hard work all week pay off at music class. 


and this morning on the way to school, he throws out there… “oh, mom.  I’m on student council.  my class voted and I won.”  what?  you’re in first grade?  that’s what my head said.  from what I understand everyone who was interested in being a classroom representative was voted on in class and one boy and one girl were chosen.  He and his good friend Ryan were the elected.  This made me happy because while this school change has been the absolute right move academically, I have wondered about Coop’s social life.  Some of the kids in his class are weird.  Just being honest.  There are nice ones, too, but he hasn’t really clicked with any one or ones enough to have great friends that extend out of school.  I was glad to hear that people like him and have his teacher say that while he knows he’s at school to work and he takes it seriously, he has loosened up and has a good time in class.  Way to go, Coop!


Debi said...

The one-minute-club! Fantastic! I remember how long it took to get all those memorized with Mckenzie. Coop sure has a happy face today. Great job buddy!

Tamra said...

Congrats to Lindsey!!! I hadn't heard that yet. :)

Lindsay said...

how did i miss this post!? wahoo!