Wednesday, January 25, 2012

my wednesday nights. post-edit


Tonight I watched Coop’s practice for the first half hour then moved down the field to watch these two.  Cooper is doing great and thankfully has a fun friend in his Wednesday night practice group.  My entertainment started when I moved to watch this duo.  They are in the same practice group on Wednesdays and will probably be on the same team as well, for convenience sake.  How am I supposed to be at three different games and practices?!  The last part of practice the coach had them scrimmage.  There were probably 10-12 kids, Senny and Bex were on the same side.  Senny was on fire and kept hauling down the field and scoring.  I was proud, but quiet as she did enough celebrating for both of us.  She would throw her hands up in the air and jump around and yell, “a score!  a score!”  Beckham would cheer for her, but I don’t think the rest of her team even knew what was happening.  The really amusing/ embarrassing part was when she would yell, “I have four goals!”  and then shake her little bottom in a happy dance.  Show-off.  We talked later about how it’s great to score, and you can be happy about it, but you don’t have to yell how many you have- it might make the other kids feel bad.  She finished the night with five, and was the only one on her team to score.  The other team got two in, one by mistake.  Beckham wasn’t as aggressive, but eventually wanted to get in there enough he began roaring at the opposing players.  I was trying not to laugh and reprimand at the same time and eventually decided to keep my mouth shut and let the coach handle it.  Perhaps he thinks he’s intimidating with a loud, “RRRroooaaarrrr!”  This should be an interesting soccer season, no?

I forgot something.  There was a dad watching on the sidelines tonight, not to far from me who had impressive, thick, brown dreads and a long bushy beard.  When Senny ran off the field for a drink, she pointed and said loudly, “that guy looks…”  I stopped her and quietly said, “Senny,  be nice.”  She looked at me with a look that said, ‘I’m not being mean, I’m just saying…’ and proceeded to tell me that he looked like “the guy from Harry Potter.”  It was totally true, and totally loud.  And his wife was right behind me.  Awesome.  I apologized and said that I hope he wasn’t easily offended, we were just the honest four-year-old type.  ‘Cause, apparently, we are.


Debi said...

Sounds like Senny is the only one that understands what the goals are. You are going to have a fun season. I never laughed so hard as when the kids are just starting soccer.

Katelyn & Wade said...

Dying. On all counts, dying.

Lindsay said...

roaring at the other team! classic!