Sunday, January 29, 2012

Saturday in my head.

Someday my children will appreciate Saturday mornings.  Right now 6:30 is sleeping in.  Crazy people. 

Having Beckham crawl in bed with me in the morning is like what I imagine it to be like when one is on drugs.  I can’t get enough and it makes me so happy.

Laundry really never ends.

Grocery shopping alone feels productive.

Beckham’s face is the the most delicious thing in the world.

Having Dad sick on a Saturday is like a wasted Saturday. Major bummer.

Seneca can not talk quietly.  I truly believe that she thinks everything she has to say is so dang important, that it needs to be loud.  She is animated- her eyes, her whole face, her hands… they all talk when she has something to say. 

Cooper is going through a phase.  At least that’s what I tell myself.  He has long stretches of the day when he is super silly, and it is contagious.  It is fun to see them all happy together, but when it’s bedtime, it’s bedtime and it needs to stop.  We’re working on that part.  At least he saves it for home.  I tell myself that’s a good thing too.

We saw some Native dancing last night and my kids loved it.  They were enthralled with the drums, the fast footwork and the costumes.  It was fun to see them totally engaged in that cultural activity.  It is nice that they are old enough that it doesn’t stress me out to do stuff like that with them.  We went to eat the night before, just the 4 of us, and it was the same way- they are old enough to handle themselves and be fun.  I need to soak that up before there is another little body to think about. 

There was dog talk around here a while ago.  I stopped it in its tracks.  But it’s back on my mind.  Is it time??  That was rhetorical.  Do not answer if you do not have something positive to say. 


bryn said...

I keep meaning to comment with a BIG congratulations. What a truly wonderful addition to such a lovely family. Your posts are always filled with so much positive. I always enjoy reading them.

Emily said...

HECK no! (I hope that was helpful) :)

Annika said...

Everybody needs a Gus Gus!

Jess said...

They don't need a dog--they are getting a baby!

The Hansen's said...

We have the sillies at our house lately too. The native dancing sounds amazing.

Erin said...

We had a puppy and an infant at the same time. It was a lot of work and there were somedays it was iffy if we'd make it but I'm glad we stuck it out. We're going on 4 years with Charlie dog and he's a great companion. The kids love him, he's sweet as can be, and he has a ferocious bark to scare away boogy men. The kids often argue who gets to sleep with him in their room.

Down sides: housetraining, cost (pets are money pits), the occasional flea outbreak, and very occasional accident.

Pros: my kids aren't afraid of dogs like many of their friends, he's "teaching" them to be responsible and care for something other than themselves, security (although he's all bark, no bite), exercise, sweet companion who loves you unconditionally.

To be honest, having an infant + a puppy was LOTS of work, I'd probably have waited if I'd known what I was getting into. But, I have a lot of friends who adopt adult dogs. You miss the puppy stage but can skip over much of the grief that comes with house-training and just enjoy the dog if you do that.

Good luck!