Monday, January 30, 2012

a good monday.

I smiled a lot today. when I walked past new furniture arrangements. when I embarked on new projects. when dinner turned out delish. when I was riding my bike with my children in 73 degree weather. when I had great conversations with neighbors and with my husband. when senny read to me. when beckham took the book and did it too. when coop told me about his success at chess club. when seneca chose to paint her music homework rather than use crayons. when I had two sleeping children in the back of my quiet car. when D told me he wanted brownie trifle for his birthday dessert. when beckham said he was so smart at school now because he was four. when I made a reservation for a hot date with my lover for saturday night. when I laid with bex and he said he wanted me to sleep with him all night. when he told me I could kiss him tomorrow. when I found sea shells in senny's bed. when Coop laughed out loud at the BFG. when my house was quiet for the night. it's a good, good life.

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