Friday, February 3, 2012

this week

It has been a week.  It went too slowly, I wanted every day to be Friday already, and yet today I wished it were already Saturday.  But I better not wish Friday away.  I feel a little crummy today which is a bummer because the weekend is not the time to feel crummy.  Ok, there is never a good time to feel crummy but I have a hot date tomorrow night and I do not want to feel sick. 

We celebrated D’s birthday this week with surprises in the morning, a visit to his office to share cake and balloons and trifle last night with the Malinkas.  We’ll cap it off with our hot date tomorrow.  Can you tell I’m excited for that?  I am.  First I must coach a soccer game, which is a one-time thing… they wanted more volunteer coaches and I couldn’t see me and my ever-growing belly managing that all season, but I’m happy to sub this week. 

We also have the little miss all registered for Kindergarten. Didn’t we just bring her home?!  Her dynamics are so different from her older brother, school could be a whole new experience with this one.  She has already decided who she is going to marry, you know.  And she looks forward to seeing him every day.  She is shy around him and bats her eyelashes- it’s ridiculous and hilarious at the same time.  She talks about him way more than one should and I keep waiting for it to pass.  Bummer is, said little boy has a darling twin sister… can’t Senny be friends with her?!  No, he is way more handsome.  Her words, not mine. 

How long do mylar balloons last?  They are the prime objects of affection around here and therefore my collateral.  “your balloon can stay right here with  me until you are dressed with your bed made.”  and off they go.  as annoying as these balloons may be, they seem to help get things done.  Right now Beckham’s is attached to the back of his pants as he has assumed the role of the princess’ dog and is crawling around on all fours.  Yesterday it was the target as he practiced with his new bow and arrows.  post edit:  a pencil just went through the balloon.  I repeat:  a pencil just went through the balloon.  one down!

Today I have children to read with, laundry to do, projects to work on and a couple of naps to take.  Tonight is movie night at the school.  It sounds completely disgusting to me to take blankets and pillows and lay on the school gym floor and watch a movie, but I have left the possibility open.  If it ended up being movie night at home, I would be great with that.  Let’s bless my headache goes away, that the laundry does itself and that these two crazies stay as happy all day as they are right now. 

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