Friday, January 6, 2012

I am tired. My-eyes-sting tired. My-back-hurts tired. Floors were vacuumed, kids clothes were organized and the too-smalls put away. Dutch is sparkling in and out and Trader Joe's was hit at a maddening hour. If you looked at my house now, you wouldn't know it looked fantastic earlier today. It looks like three monkeys had a ball together and then their mama was too tired to supervise clean-up and just wanted them in bed. Good thing Saturday is a special day, the day we do it all again! And dad is working tomorrow... major bummer. But I'm happy. I'm healthy, as is the rest of my house. I have enough money to pay the bills that are due immediately. I have food in my house and a great bed to climb into tonight. And I won't be lonely tomorrow- not everyone can say that. I'll count it as a blessing.


brenda hatch said...

Someone posted this link on FB yesterday, and I think it describes motherhood to a tee Bummer that Denten is working today! Have a great Saturday!

kimmalee said...

Sounds like a crazy day! Way to be grateful for the good at the end of an exhausting day. Not easy to do.