Saturday, January 7, 2012


I had a nap today. and I have a fairly clean house. I don't have a husband yet, but he'll show up sometime, he always does. I finished my book while my kids played at the park, this weather is awesome. We stopped at the store to get five things, scanned them and then realized my wallet was at home on the desk. bummer.

D stopped at the sophx house today to meet a few people to clean it up. The pool pump is broken, that is wonderful. If you'd like to know the honest truth, I wouldn't mind if someone took a match to that house, but I suppose I shouldn't wish such things. As I try to find things to be grateful for in that particular situation, it always comes down to the fact that I'm grateful it isn't worse, because it could be. Hard to believe sometimes, but it could be.

I am reading the BFG with Coop at bedtime, it is fun to hear him laugh at the Giant's funny phrases, I have to remind him to be quiet so we don't have other little bodies awake.

I think I have been fighting my calling since I got it and while I tell myself to embrace it, that idea has not been internalized yet. I need to spend a little more time and energy in that arena, but there is resistance. Being honest, remember?

Laundry is done. I need the laundry fairy to come fold it. I don't have it in me tonight.

You know what I could use tonight? Fish tacos. Oh, they sound so good. I need to quit thinking about it. soft corn tortillas, thick, fried white fish, a little yummy white sauce and shredded cabbage or slaw-- ahhh, why isn't there a fish taco delivery station around the corner?!


Partridge Family said...

I love your blog! How is your Dad doing? I've been thinking about him a lot lately.

Deirdre Eagar said...

We just replaced our pool pump in our sophx house! We got a rebuilt one, so a little cheaper.... I also got a new calling this week, not sure im totally up for it yet... Hows that for matchy matchy!

Katelyn & Wade said...

1. Remember what kind of teacher you would want for your kids. The kind that thought of it as a burden, or the kind that enjoyed the children and made it a great experience for them. (how's that for advice?)
2. Baja Fish Taco's here in Laguna Niguel has just what you're looking for and they would knock your socks off. Need to visit?

Jess said...

I know what you mean about your sophx house! I sort of wish a natural disaster would wipe out our NJ condo--without affecting the people we know and love still in the area. Sigh. We will be blessed for keeping our obligations, won't we??