Monday, January 9, 2012

yesterday was rough. like, rough. like sent my family to church without me, got there and couldn't wait for sacrament meeting to be over so I could stop crying. ugh. I felt empty and the day wasn't half over. luckily it got better. made it through primary (did you pray for me? someone did, I felt it). laid on my bed attempting sleep but it never happened. pork tenderloin recipe was a good one, but it was still pink in the middle. ick. FHE saved the day- Coop taught the lesson, Seneca sang to us and Bex and Dad chose candyland.

something Coop ate didn't sit well with him and therefore I sat with him for 2 hours last night while his system got rid of whatever it was. poor kid. so grateful he knows how to listen to his body and makes it to the toilet every time. also so grateful it was over quickly and he is back to himself today. he went to school late, but went nonetheless. I also noticed last night (early this morning?) that I was grateful for our oils which made the experience shorter than it would have been and not quite as painful. also felt grateful for my bathrobe. it's soft and fluffy and goes on quickly as I'm racing down the hall at 1:30 a.m.

today was better. I remembered to take my wallet to the grocery store (yes, brilliant, I know). Beckham went to tumbling without fighting it. it helped there was a doughnut on the line. I had a great conference with Coop's teacher. funny story there to come. paninis for dinner- pull whatever you want out of the fridge and I'll put it on a sandwich for you! luckily there were great options. my dad came up with a brilliant idea to solve a problem I've been trying to work out for a while.

tomorrow is crazy, one thing after another all day.. let's hope we all sleep tonight!

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The Hansen's said...

Sorry poor coop was so sick, that is no fun for mommy or kiddo. Hope tomorrow is better, good vibes being sent your way.