Tuesday, January 10, 2012

we survived this marathon day quite well. almost. we moved from one thing to another all day and thankfully had helpful people cross our paths at every turn. heaven bless people who watch kids and are willing to carpool. we have fun new things to look forward to in music this semester with both cooper and seneca. senny is more focused on her reading it is fun to see her excited about it. beckham is especially focused on his upcoming birthday and wonders every day why it's not here yet. at one point today I had six kids, two bikes, two scooters and four light sabers in my car. I am grateful Heavenly Father gave me the energy and attitude to deal with that situation in a positive way. bookclub tonight- it was a good book and these are good friends. please bless Dent gets home in time. do you think I need to put on real pants again? grateful for days that go smoothly- I suppose it helps to visit with Heaven before it all begins, whadda you know... He listens and delivers!

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The Silly Witch said...

The thing about a good book club is that you can wear whatever pants you want.