Wednesday, January 11, 2012

what was the best part of your day?

At dinner I usually ask everyone what the best part of school was today. tonight Cooper first said computer lab. It was a treat that they got to go to computers today because it was a short day and usually that is eliminated on short days. Then he said math. He is loving math right now and it is fun to him find success and satisfaction. Seneca had a snow day at school today. There was a igloo in her classroom with pretend icicles. There was a walrus, a snowy dolphin, an arctic hare, a whale that had white and black spots and a lot of bears. The walrus is camouflage when it is white. The owl can see the arctic hare very well and scoops it up. This was said with dramatic hand actions. Beckham had fun making his snowman at school this week. They are learning about sequence in stories and such and had to use their knowledge to put together a snowman in sequential order. He is not satisfied about where the nose on his snowman is placed but still enjoyed the activity.

I have decided that all mothers should come with either a maid or a personal assistant. I would have been happy with either one today. After we got our homework and music done today we all started at one end of the house together and walked through each room picking things up and returning them to where they belong. It was quick and everyone participated. Floors still need to be done, but I can handle that now that everything is picked up. I wouldn't have minded an assistant today to handle phone calls, bills, submissions, shipping errands and necessary but not fun emails. I don't mind those tasks when there isn't anything else to do, but when is that ever the case? Anyway, they are done.

Both kids got new puppet shows in music this week. They got their puppets ready today and have been practicing.. I am being summoned. Over and out.

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