Sunday, January 15, 2012


Last night just before 11 p.m. (which is past my typical bedtime) I went to check on my kids before heading to bed.  I walked into each room, which had been thoroughly cleaned earlier in the day… picked up, vacuumed, dusted, closets organized and sheets changed… and kissed sweet little cheeks that had been freshly showered before they were tucked into bed.  I smelled clean sheets and clean hair and looked at peaceful faces and was so grateful that I had healthy, happy, sleeping children.  Then I walked down the hall and climbed into my own clean sheets with their super hot (see below) dad and again felt so grateful that it was under these circumstances that I was going to bed.

This morning I was getting ready in my bathroom while Seneca, who is my early riser, pretended to put on make-up and tried on every pair of dress shoes in my closet.  She wanted pink cheeks and practiced with eye shadow.  She chose several possible ensembles for me to wear to church complete with green peep-toe shoes.  She is quite adept at walking in high heels.  Then she climbed onto the counter so I could curl her hair for church and sat still while we chatted.  After we were both beautiful, we headed to the kitchen for breakfast and to see if any boys were awake yet.  Those are the moments that will be gone all too soon, I’m sure.  The ones where, in her eyes, I am amazing and beautiful when in fact I look at her and see those very same qualities that will only continue to magnify. 

in sacrament meeting I had two little heads vying for my lap and while “we don’t lay down at church,” I don’t mind tickling those little soft cheeks and squeezing little bodies that someday won't let me do it for a whole hour at a time.  I kept sending math problems down the row to Cooper who kept knocking them out of the park.  Don’t judge… we do music and math during sacrament meeting- keeps him reverent and engaged.  Eventually the two littles drifted back to the Norberg’s pew and I slid over next to my husband who held my hand until it was time for primary. 

There are a lot of things that could stress me out right now but they are not the things I want to remember.  I want to remember Coop pelting me with pillows after my nap today and Beckham wanting to do airplane, “one more time.”  I want to remember this feeling of safety and security and contentment that fills my home and the laughter that fills these faces that I love so stinkin’ much.  And the fact that I get to kiss them all the time, ‘cause that might be the best part.

And, the mister is making fry bread to go with dinner.  Ya-Um. 

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Mallory said...

I loved this Amb. You're a great writer and I'm so glad you soak up the beautiful details of your life. That's a lovely quality. I admire you for being able to do that. Why must we live so far away? I need to practice my Italian, learn loads from you, and play with your sweet children. :)