Saturday, January 14, 2012


2012 is a year of transitions for our family.  The first one came straightaway on January 1 when this handsome guy transitioned from associate to partner at the Rothstein Law Firm.  While the title is official and the work hasn’t changed much, the compensation plan is in the transition phase and will hopefully be complete in a few months.  D has worked unbelievable hours considering we do not live in New York and he has built great relationships with his clients.  The firm has been very gracious and complimentary and were eager to have him make this change.  I am grateful that he does something he is passionate about and that he finds satisfaction in.  I am grateful he is willing to work hard both to improve the lives of his clients and for his family.  Congrats, Babe.  I’m proud of you!



DaNae said...

Congratulations! All that hard work is paying off! It's nice seeing someone that loves what he does & is successful :) love ya!

Katelyn & Wade said...

whoo, whoo. if i were there, i would sing him, "for he's a jolly good fellow". i'll save it for him :)

ps-good photo D

Tutz said...

What a handsome picture! Not only a two-time Ironman, but a partner as well. He IS amazing. Congratulations Dent and Amberly. I'm happy for you.