Sunday, February 19, 2012

It is now my pleasure…

… to introduce you to

Sir Fischer Penn Robinson

aka “Fischer”


If you thought I was kidding about this being the year of transitions, I assure you I was not!  Here is the latest, and so far, the cutest.

It all started quite a long time ago when Denten thought our family needed a dog.  I let that thought sit for 10 whole seconds in my head before I pushed it out the other side.  Are you kidding me?  No.  And I several very valid reasons why not. 

I was a little more open to the idea when I thought perhaps we could steal Lewis from my brother.  Lou is a British Lab who was acquired in London and who we all revere quite highly, not only because he saved Boogs, but because he is the calmest, most gentle dog I have ever come across.  I have pics of Coop climbing all over Lou in London when Cooper was just a baby.  He really seemed the ideal family dog and seeing as he was just sitting around being a lazy bump on a log at my parents house, I thought we could persuade the powers that be to let him come live in Arizona.

Tried as I might, I was denied, and therefore Denten was back at square one, because I only agreed to a dog if it was that one.  No, I was not being open-minded.  But, D figured out that if this was the only breed I would consider, he’d find me another one.  And so his research began.  Do you know my husband?  He does his research.  He developed a relationship with Wildwind months and months ago and began corresponding with them about buying a puppy.  He researched which sire and dam he wanted and was very particular.  All through this I still had not agreed, not even a little bit.  After I found out I was pregnant and that he was moving to partner at work, there was no way a dog was entering the picture right now.  I didn’t have an issue with the breeder, or the dog- it was all timing.  This was not good timing.  And so D waited and was patient and kept mentioning it now and then, and then… the right litter was upon us.  The perfect sire and dam were going to mate and if we were ever going to have a puppy, this was the litter we needed.  Oh good grief.  I drug my feet and expressed all the reasons why this was not a good idea- my sanity first and foremost.  But I couldn’t just say no, not when he wanted it so stinkin’ badly.  So I left it to him but made clear how I felt about the situation.  He was smart and dropped it. 

Then I had an epiphany.  I don’t know how or why or what happened really, but one day it just wasn’t so impossible anymore.  It was being considered and I didn’t feel nearly as emotionally opposed as I had before.  So I asked if there were any pups left from the coveted litter, assuming there wouldn’t be.  But D and that long-established relationship got us first pick and we were officially on the list.  I had a few moments of panic the day I had to send in our deposit, knowing this was commitment and was I ready for this??  But the more time passed, the more the anxiety was replaced with calm and eventually excitement.  We have high expectations for this dog.  Friends who heard we were considering a lab thought we were crazy.  They are hyper and out of control, they’d say.  And inside I’d think, “not this one.  British labs are different.”  And I’m right, they are, but he is still a puppy. 

But the first 24 hours haven’t been terrible.  He didn’t love his crate last night, but he’s been much better with it today and we have had complete potty training success.  The family room hasn’t been kept so clean ever as the kids have been threatened with the idea that they’ll lose everything they leave out as a potential chew toy.  It actually hasn’t been a problem, but I like the threat.  I walk laps around the back yard watching him romp around, waiting for him to do his business and praise the little guy like crazy.  The kids are protective and curious and completely in love.  Cooper cried in bed last night because he was just so happy. 


So, so far we like Fischer. 


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The Silly Witch said...

And you will like him more and more every day! What a cutie, and I love his name.

Amber said...

How wonderful. I want another dog, but alas we must wait for hard surface flooring in our house. Some day.

Jess said...

I think you are a little crazy. :) Or maybe you are just used to two babies at once!

Alicia said...

Pretty Stinkin' Cute!
A. would be more than a bit jealous if he saw that face and just might try to steal him if given the chance. I however, will admire from afar.

Steph said...

Our Millie has been the most patient pup to set foot on the planet. We've loved the last 7 years with her. The timings never quite "perfect." I had 2 two year olds and had just shattered my ankle. What was I thinking? But best pet ever. No regrets here. I'm sure Fischer will be just as good a fit for your family. Way to go mom!!!

Tutz said...

Way Cute! I love the name. I hope Sir Fischer turns out to be as wonderful as Lord Lewis. No doubt he will be loved as much.

Just the THREE of us said...

wow that is a really cute dog, and this is coming from a cat person

Amy said...

he is ADORABLE!!! I might have to bring my Azure over for a visit. She's puppy crazed, but we aren't likely to get one any time soon.