Monday, February 20, 2012

things I have learned today

teaching children not to zoom their bikes around a new puppy is harder than teaching the puppy to go to the bathroom outside.  in fact, wouldn’t it be terrific if potty-training children were as easy as potty-training puppies?!  yes, it would.

fischer likes soccer.  he’s already a pretty good dribbler.

he is a smarty-pants and knows that a treat is possible if he sits, stays and looks at me with his cute little face.  good thing treats are sporadic or I would run out quickly!

eight weeks is long enough to get used to not wearing a collar.  we tried the slip lead today and he did not appreciate that.

adding a puppy to the household is the best method yet I have found to inspire children to keep their shoes and toys picked up. 

throwing a blanket over fischer’s crate makes it more cave-like and eliminates much of his whining. 

I am new at this dog business, but we are learning slowly and having lots of fun!


Debi said...

We haven't had great success at training dogs but our two beagle have sure been sweet dogs. Fischer looks so darling! Good thing they come as pups that are so cute while they are trained. I bet your kids are so happy. Puppies are great for leverage. You are one nice Mom!

kimmalee said...

Fischer is SO stinkin' cute! What lucky little kids you have! I hope the puppy potty training goes as smoothly as possible.