Friday, February 24, 2012

the week in bullets.

- had a hot date to see Wicked last night. he surprised me with tickets for christmas and we finally cashed in. fun story, great music. I told him the only thing that would make it better is if it were followed by a hotel room that included no puppies or children.

- fischer proved tough this week as he didn't make a peep when he got his shots. he is also proving a smarty-pants, knowing just how to act for a reward. he's also a puppy and is testing his limits but is learning quickly I mean business. he's got limited time to get his act together before I need to move onto other projects!

- I've decided that if your pregnancy happens to be moving slowly and it feels like you're going to be pregnant forever, just get yourself a puppy. promise you'll forget you're even pregnant for like a whole week. really, a whole week, just gone and if it weren't for looking down occasionally and seeing my protruding belly and the occasional hunger pain reminding me to eat, I would have forgotten completely.

- I accompanied seneca on her desert hike for preschool yesterday. those kids knew the names of every blasted desert plant and cactus on the trail. they also knew what kinds of animals lived in the holes they saw- I learned several new things hanging out with four-year-olds in the desert.

- fischer slept through the night last night. if it takes less than a week for that to happen with my baby, that would be brilliant.

- cooper got in the car after school yesterday and after I asked him how his day was he replied, "well, it was almost delightful." why almost? "because I don't think I did my absolute very best today." what do you mean? apparently they had some sort of standardized test and he had to ask his teacher to repeat two of the questions. I reassured him that didn't mean he wasn't trying his best, unless it was because he wasn't paying attention. I'm glad to know that on every other day he feels satisfied that he's doing his absolute very best.

- I'm sure there are more remarkable things that occurred this week, but my time sitting here is limited. I'll tell you what else a puppy does for you. it makes your productivity and time management skills shoot through the roof. not kidding.


Katelyn & Wade said...

almost delightful. this is a phrase only a child of yours would say.

Lindsay said...
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Tutz said...

I was just going to comment on the 'almost delightful' phrase. I'd say that an almost delightful day is a pretty good day. sweet Cooper. You know the 'chewing stage' is coming, right? Keep your favorite shoes behind closed doors.