Monday, February 6, 2012

monday, elastic waistbands and football

I kind of like Mondays. Aside from chess, there is nothing scheduled after school which means once we're home, we're home. I love uninterrupted time for music and homework and then play to your heart's content. Our backyard has been used and abused the past few weeks. I may think it's chilly, but they could live out there.

I need clothes. I am in the awkward stage where not one pair of jeans will both fit over my ever-expanding hips and button up and I own two pair of lulu elastic waistband pants that don't look like jammies. Those two are getting a.lot. of use. I pulled out the maternity bin this weekend in desperation for something to wear on my hot date and forgot that Katelyn altered my jeans to fit her short legs...grrr, sister! I know, I can fix them, but not in time for my date! It's ok, I'm not really ready to embrace maternity clothes yet, but I really do need options. Where do you find great maternity clothes? 'Cause what I do have is from years ago and let's be honest- it is all very ugly.

Coop thought he was 'it' last night because he got to sneak out of bed and watch the end of the super bowl with his dad and I, and eat hot chocolate chip cookies. oh, would the others be mad if they knew! Cooper has victory dances down and was all for the giants ripping it up seeing as he was born in NY and all. it was hilarious listening to cooper and cole discuss the game this morning on the way to school. he actually comprehended more than I realized and remembered what were said to be the vital plays of the game. Although he commented after a hard hit that he didn't ever need to play football. Ok with me!

I was grateful for our oils today when Bex woke up with a fever and a cough. Not on Monday! Thanks to intuition, wisdom and the right oils, he is almost back to healthy and ready to resume his regularly scheduled week, which includes precious time with Elsie- can't be sick for that! I'm so grateful I don't need to run to the doctor or lose a week when someone isn't feeling well- doTerra has saved me time, money and worry and those are major for me.

We are preparing for more transition around here. I told you it was the year for it! Seems we can't keep them away... this one will be fun!


Katelyn & Wade said...

sorry sister. it was supposedly impossible for you to get pregnant again remember? crop them into capri's and if you need them for your date, i am not above a pressed seam and duct tape!

Alyosha said...

I'm with you on the awkward pregnant stage. Such a pain.

Tutz said...

Are you really contemplating a second baby? The four-legged kind? Please consider the mess with black hair and clean-up. Good luck with that one.