Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tonight I am choosing to be positive! See my exclamation point! That is my voice being positive. Are you buying it?

I was so incredibly grateful that we had soccer practice tonight. Usually I'm impartial- sometimes it's a pain, sometimes I don't mind, but tonight these children needed to get out of my house and go run for a solid hour. Their energy was bouncing off all of the walls in here and I was ready to find a hole to crawl into. Thank you coaches for wearing them clean out- straight home to bed!

I was also grateful for the thought today to try rosemary essential oil for my headaches. They went away for a while and this week they are back with a vengeance and combine that with the ever-lurking tired and heaven bless those within earshot. I had not used rosemary for my headaches before but it did the trick today and bought us all a little patience this afternoon.

I am grateful to have a house to clean. I mean, without a house, where on earth would this mess live?? I mean, really. Books and trains and princess things- they seem to multiply on their own and I think they may actually come alive when no one is watching because somehow they make it out of the toy closet and roam all over the house and not a soul knows how they got there. Maybe I have a magic house. If only I could get the magic to reverse the process...

I am grateful that I am going to sleep all night long without any interruptions from children, husband or bladder. I am grateful that I will sleep peacefully, have pleasant dreams and wake up in the morning feeling fully rested and have enough energy and motivation to complete all I desire to do tomorrow. I am grateful my children will be great listeners, obedient and helpful and that we will have a great day together. Amen.


Krista Hegstrom said...

I am grateful that your list of gratefuls will happen to me too! I love this game!

Steph said...

Behold the power of a positive thinker...and a bit of rosemary. :) Way to go Amberly!!