Thursday, February 9, 2012

do your boys have good aim??

The house is clean, but if I may explore a quandary with you for a moment... so on pinterest there was a proposed solution to rid your bathroom of that "boy" smell. Coop, he's not a problem. that I know of. but the other day I entered the bathroom just as Beckham was leaving and found much more than the toilet bowl had been used as his target. Gross, but reality. I feel as though I can ajax the heck out of the toilet and wipe the surrounding floor and the smell returns all too quickly, so I thought I'd give this idea a try. Holy smokes, I needed a gas mask. The first part wasn't so bad- baking soda and lemon juice, cover all of the toilet, floor, nearby walls and cabinets and let it soak for a few. Then spray with vinegar. Gag me. It was like the smells of vinegar and urine magnified ten-fold in that tiny room and I was ready to die. I let it fizz and then scrubbed away, hoping the fumes didn't leave my unborn baby maimed for life. I feel as though I washed every possible surface thoroughly and yet that vinegar smell just lingered- in fact I think it grew. Like all the way down the hall. Ugh. I was so grateful Denten wasn't home- he can not stand the smell of vinegar and while I don't usually mind it so much, it was too much today. I wanted it to smell nice and fresh when I was done with this so-called solution, and yet I avoided that particular toilet all day, even after it was sparkling. Does that mean I had an inordinate amount of "spray" hiding in the bathroom unseen? which is completely disgusting, or does cleaning with vinegar always stink to high heaven? either way, I do not plan on repeating the process in the other bathroom.

So, now that we have that pleasant antidote out of the way, the rest of the day was quite lovely. Lots of laundry got folded, each room got a proper pick-up, children rode their bikes to their hearts' content and and snug in their beds. I did not sleep through the night last night due to a little miss and three separate occasions, but it gave me cause to go to the bathroom before crawling back in my beloved bed. Oh, too much bathroom talk, I do apologize. I'll quit now.

One more thing- it's time for a vacuum. I said this before, ages ago, but now it's really time. There are two in this house and neither work properly. If you love yours, tell me what it is and why. Thank you, and good night.

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The Silly Witch said...

So this is probably TMI, but you brought it up. We have urine smell in our bathrooms, too. I removed the toilet seats a couple of weeks ago to discover why the smell would never go away. The bolts were disgusting. Underneath the bolts was disgusting. I replaced the bolts after cleaning everything, and things smell much fresher.