Friday, February 10, 2012

Sooo many valentines were created today. Soooooooo many. I think we love too many people. I think Beckham wrote his name 30+ times, which is a lot considering he isn't even in school. It was fantastic practice and he is better at ever at forming his letters correctly. I know because I sat next to him for every letter and we didn't allow any lazy letters! Seneca's valentine hearts are decked out with all sorts of patterns, designs and stickers. She is very meticulous. Coop is giving bouncy balls away with his sports-themed cards and had each organized by ball type and color. I like projects where my kids take the lead. Followed by a bike ride in this delightful 80-degrees and a new shrimp curry dish... a lovely friday afternoon.

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Tutz said...

oh, a new curry dish. Please share!