Thursday, March 1, 2012

the backyard

We have lived in the backyard this week.  It seems the safest place to let Fischer roam when I can’t keep my eye on him every minute.  He’s having a very good listening day and while it seems much of my life has been altered and/or sacrificed for this puppy, it seems my time with him is starting to pay off.  When we first looked at this house, I immediately said, “no,” not liking it enough to consider buying it.  Then I saw the yard and decided I might be persuaded.  We have eaten lunch and dinner out there more than inside lately and I see that trend continuing in the coming months.  Baseball, soccer and basketball get played daily, the kids are riding bikes and swinging endlessly and currently Senny and Beckham are lying on their backs next to each other talking about who knows what.  The ping-pong/pool table is a fairly recent addition to the backyard thanks to Emily unloading across the street and the kids have fun chasing the ping pong ball all over the place.  The pool has been lonely for a few months but the anticipation grows each week as they wonder when they can get back in.  Orange blossoms are beginning and that has got to be the most heavenly smell ever.  Our yard leaves a lot to be desired in the way of gorgeous landscaping, but it provides plenty of room for kids and dog alike to run and play.  I love the moments when I can feel boredom setting in and someone asks for a movie and I deter them outside and hours later they forgot the tv ever existed.  While I’ve grown to love this house, the yard remains my favorite feature for what it provides for my family.  The weather doesn’t hurt either!


Lindsey said...

This time of year is when I really miss AZ. All of the playing and eating outside is making me stir crazy. My girls would spend all day outside if it were their choice, but it snowed here yesterday and has been threatening a storm today. At least I can hear about your wonderful weather and imagine we were there. Enjoy these next couple months before the real heat hits!

Deanna said...

Amberly! I have been taking a break from computer and all forms of communication it seems lately. Not on purpose. Just life getting in the way. I love how you write everything down. I need to be better. I'm so glad you have a new puppy. You will love him now and even better in 2 years from now:) Seriously though, we rescued our golden retriever from a backyard of a ghetto in L.A. I have to say he is the best dog I have ever had or been around. The only thing he has ever chewed are socks. I buy him lots of those $1 ropes from Target and he loves them. Besides chewing socks he digs. But maybe with your yard being big he might not pick that habit up. I need to post pics on my blog with the boys running with the dog at the park. It's just love watching them all play. Anyways, so happy for you and your family!
Congrats on being pregnant. I know and believe in miracles! When is your due date?!! Don't know if I miss that announcement. Just curious. But do tell.:)
Better go. hugs:)

kimmalee said...

That does sound like a heavenly back yard! Glad Fischer is sleeping better and trying to behave himself for the most part. That's a commitment I don't know if I'll ever make again.