Sunday, March 4, 2012

A while ago I received a fortune inside a cookie that read,

“Your fondest dream will come true within the year.”

At the time I was trying to decide what my fondest dream would be, there are so many! But I thought it a great fortune considering so many these days are lame-o. So this one found a place on the corkboard in our hallway. I didn’t think anything of it until a short time after I found out I was pregnant and walked by it on the wall and stopped. I read it again and smiled and realized that, indeed, one of my fondest dreams had come true. Of course there are many pieces to this dream- I would like the rest of this pregnancy to go smoothly, have a peaceful delivery that results in a healthy little body arriving with it’s strong spirit, not to mention all of the dreams that come along with raising a child, but this part came true and I’ll be grateful for that.

I had the privilege of singing with our stake choir for conference today and as we prepared one of our hymns the past few weeks, a particular phrase stood out to me: From “I Believe in Christ.”

“I believe in Christ; he stands supreme!
From him I'll gain my fondest dream;
And while I strive through grief and pain,
His voice is heard: "Ye shall obtain."

Again, I was reminded that only through Christ can I gain all of my dreams and even while grief and pain plague us at times in this life, His promise is true and sure.

In high school I had a wonderful friend, who was my first date, actually- anyway he married an awesome girl who I don’t know nearly as well except through her honest and delightful blog. They have been wanting to add to their family and as they have gone through in vitro multiple times I feel for them. I feel for her and her desires and dreams and heartaches. Each time she shares her honesty, it takes me right back to when I had those same feelings and experiences and wondered what Heaven had in store for our family. I know that His plan may be different for her, but I know there is one, the right one, the one that will bring her peace and joy and fulfill her fondest dreams. I thought a lot about her today and this song came to mind again. I came across it a while ago and probably shared it then, but it has made my “inspirational songs” playlist and I hear it often on Sundays.

I don’t know how life will continue to unfold- for me or for anyone else- and while I know our faith and choices and actions help determine the outcome, I know that He only sends trials to teach and to make stronger and that the blessings that follow the heartache are so, so sweet.


Natalie said...

Thanks for your sweet post Amberly. It is amazing how empathetic you become when you have experienced heartache yourself.

I wish you a wonderful pregnancy, delivery, and child!

Kristi said...

This was wonderful. I think I needed this today. I love reading your thoughts and experiences. You are so strong. Thank you!

Emily Malinka said...

I loved the song today in Stake Conference, I always have and it has always been one of my favorites, but today it was even more special. Thanks for these thoughts, love it!